A Brief Biography of Recent Work in Kites

David Wagner
Born:     18 June 1956  South Dakota
BFA:      University of Minnesota  1980


 1990 – 1999   Singapore

Designer architectural art glass studio.  Numerous large scale glass and steel private and public art installations throughout region, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan.

Established Gemini Gallery in downtown Singapore, with partner Ivy Loo.  Glass and architectural art, architectural models

Extensive travel and study of Indonesian, Malaysian, and Chinese traditional and contemporary kites

Curate and acquire work for exhibition of Malaysian and Indonesian ritual kites:  National Museum of Singapore

Curate and hang extremely large kite exhibition at Liang Court shopping center, Singapore.  Includes hanging and inflation of world’s largest kite indoors

1999 – 2005    Oakland, California

Established Derix Art Glass Consultants to develop public art projects, specializing in glass and steel.  Extensive travel in US and Asia.    

Curate and acquire exhibition of Indonesian art and Balinese ritual kites and folk art for Lawrence Hall, UC Berkeley

Curate show of ‘aerial art’ for Mingei Museum, San Diego, California

1st installment of ‘red sky line’, a conceptual aerial sculpture on and above Ivanpah dry lake in Nevada with American sculptor Tal Streeter – all filming done from the air.

Organized exposition for opening of Crissy Field, San Francisco,  May 2001, with Ivy Loo.  Brought in 18 public artists and their kites from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, France, England, the US.  The festival had an attendance of 40,000 people.

Formation of ‘Aerial Cinema’ with filmmaker Robert Schaller, involving 16mm film projects on large screen kites at night,  Experimental Film Festival, Telluride.

Start of ‘Ancient Fish’ series 

Much of my work involves close work with public art commissions and architects in the proposal, funding, and implementation of public art projects.  I spend most of my time with the artists to develop the concepts and techniques for their fabrication and installation.

2006 -  2010   Santa Fe, New Mexico

 Published articles:

 Drachen Magazin
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 Drachen Foundation Quarterly
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